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Student Transportation

Safety and Savings:

Why Outsourcing Your Student Transportation Makes Sense for Your School District

Student Transportation is a complex business that includes many aspects such as routing, vehicle maintenance, school bell time management, capital investment, operator training and many other specialties. But when you get right down to it, the two most important reasons school districts and private school systems outsource their student transportation are safety and savings.

By far, according to independent research, the safest way for children to get to and from school is on yellow school buses. It is safer than walking, riding a bike, public transportation, taxis and even being dropped off and picked up by a parent. Independent research also tells us that outsourcing can save school districts 10% or more on their transportation costs.

Why Atlantic Express?

Atlantic Express is one of the largest providers of school bus transportation in North America with over 40 years of experience. Unlike the other giants in the school bus industry, Atlantic Express is an American owned company headquartered in New York City.

Atlantic Express is a fast moving responsive company, which is not too big to react to an ever changing transportation environment, or too set in its ways to put the wants and needs of its customers and their students first. At Atlantic Express, you'll have direct access to the company's top management, not just middle management and layers of bureaucracy. All of these, along with unsurpassed experience and a reputation for unmatched standards in safety, quality and reliability, make Atlantic Express the transportation provider of choice for some of the nation's largest and most complex school districts.

Transportation Management and Consulting


There's no substitute for experience when it comes to improving the efficiency of your operations or finding ways to save money and upgrade safety. Our team of transportation specialists has years of experience in every aspect of student transportation. We offer valuable information and recommendations in the following areas:

  • Transportation Operations
  • Efficiency Audits
  • Workforce Recruitment and Training
  • Labor Relations/Negotiations
  • Productivity Planning
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Privatization Systems
  • Finances
  • Community Relations

Driving Transportation Efficiency:

How Atlantic Express Can Make Safer Student Transportation More Affordable

By partnering with Atlantic Express for your student transportation, you will not only be providing your students with a safer, more comfortable way to and from school each day, you'll be saving your school district money which can be used on programs and in the classroom.

By streamlining operations, optimizing routes, taking care of hiring and training, and handling bus maintenance programs, Atlantic Express can maximize budget efficiencies and usually save 10% or more on your transportation costs.

School districts of all sizes can benefit from outsourced contract transportation services. And Atlantic Express can help you every step of the way. Our team of transportation experts can design a customized solution to address your school district's specific needs. Our services include:

Full Service Contracting
Outsource with Atlantic Express and count on us for every aspect of your school transportation - from your fleet and professional drivers to providing experienced contract management and enhanced maintenance.
Our GPS technology can track bus location, generate advanced route analysis, and offer turn-by-turn planning.
Green Road
Atlantic Express has installed on its vehicles a high tech system that monitors actual driver behavior combined with live GPS for efficient and effective routing and tracking. Drivers, transportation managers and any other personnel are provided access to web-based performance reports and analysis. Through team effort, drivers, trainers and management are able to improve service while reducing costs related to fuel, maintenance and accidents.
Route Optimization
Optimizing your bus routes is one of the fastest ways to accomplish enhanced efficiency and cost savings. We provide detailed analysis that will improve your current transportation operations, saving fuel and reducing transit times. Proper management of school bell times and optimizing bus loads are also important aspects we look at to maximize saving.
Driver Management and Training
One of the best ways to ensure better safety and improve operations is better training and management of drivers. Whether we maintain your current crew or hire new drivers, better trained drivers means better operating efficiencies and improved safety.
Charter Bus Rentals
With our diversified fleet, Atlantic Express can tailor vehicles to meet particular needs for single or multi-day excursions- rent a bus for field trips, family reunions, sporting events, church trips, senior trips, summer camp, day outings, event shuttles and more.
Fleet Maintenance
Scheduled, well-supervised vehicle maintenance and repair has been a key factor in our company's reputation for safety. We demand quality workmanship and high productivity from our highly trained and skilled service technicians. We operate state of the art computerized maintenance facilities and subject all of our vehicles to regular preventive maintenance.
Management Services
Rely on Atlantic Express for the most innovative management solutions in the industry with experience and know-how built on over 30 years of safety and operational excellence.

School District Privatization

Privatization of publicly operated transportation has become an increasingly attractive cost cutting option to school districts around the country. By maintaining control of the district's transportation but eliminating the hassle's and headaches associated with operating a transportation department, your school district will benefit in many ways. Topping the list are cost savings, a more modern fleet and improved safety. Atlantic Express will assist school districts in converting their district operated school bus service to private contractor operations. In many cases, this conversion can be made without sacrificing local jobs or prior commitments.